The clinic consists of a professional and dynamic team, high quality care, specialized equipment and a friendly environment. We have at heart the welfare of our patients and we want them to benefit from the latest medical advances and dental technology.

Our specialized equipment promotes early diagnosis, effective and painless treatment, and rapid recovery. Among them we find a laser tool used for certain types of surgery, as well as the CEREC AC, a small dental laboratory that offers the patient the opportunity to leave with a crown or inlay in a single visit. We also adopted digital radiography which is faster and more accurate than traditional radiography, and also reduces the exposure to radiation (by almost 70%)

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The team

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Dr Pierre Daneault, Doctor of Dental Surgery

Founder and owner of the dental center, Dr Pierre Daneault has been practicing with passion and discipline for over 40 years. His expertise and skills are highly recognized and assured a loyal clientele over the years.

He continues to hone his art by being up to date with the latest technologies in dentistry. Dr Daneault is also known for his ability to coax the more fearful! If you plan your next visit with anxiety, make an appointment with confidence, he will provide you with professional, painless and quality care!


Dr Simon Daneault, Doctor of Dental Medicine

University of Montreal, 2010 dentistry graduate, Dr. Simon Daneault is appreciated for his versatility, a very human approach... and his sense of humor! Many hours of training in implantology, surgery, prosthodontics and CEREC technology enable him to offer to his patients high quality treatments. Cycling and hockey enthusiast, he does not hesitate to get involved in the community and participates in several fundraising for various foundations.


Dr Jean-Nicolas Malouf, Doctor of Dental Medicine

Dr Jean-Nicolas Malouf graduated of Dental Medicine at the University of Montreal in 2012, where he was taught all the new techniques that makes him qualified to provide care of the highest quality. Friendly and generous by nature, he is highly appreciated by his patients! In his spare time, Dr. Malouf like to play the guitar and practice his favorite sports; hockey snowboarding, skiing and running!


Dre Lysanne Renault-Tougas, Doctor of Dental Medecine

Dre Tougas obtained her doctorate in dental medecine at University of Montreal in 2010. She is practicing general dental medecine and is very appreciated for her humain character. Her dental practice is extended in all levels of dentistry. However she as a special interest for her skills by means of pursuing continuing education studies in dental-facial orthopedics. This type of practice permits intercepting growth problems in an early stage, and by doing so, prevents complications using orthodontic appliances. Dre Tougas is very proud to offer the Invisalign technology at our clinic. Refining her knowledge in relation to sleep apnea, she is looking forward to bring solutions to those patients suffering from serious respiratory difficulties, of which we know, are a cause of sleeping deprivation.

At the forefront of new techniques in dentistry, she offers an exceptional approach to her patients focused on creativity and softness. Creating a confident and respectful relationship with her patients, she wants to transmit them the information they need in the most accurate way.

Terms of payment

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Accord D

You won't have to postpone the care and treatment you need! With Accord D financial program, you can spread the cost of your treatment over several months. A great way to plan your budget while getting the care you need for your dental health. In addition, we handle all the paperwork on your behalf. Do not hesitate to ask for more information to a member of our team.


We offer payments of cares through the Dentaide card. We will be happy to check if your insurer offers this program.

Direct insurance payment

With our system, we can deal directly with the insurance companies that have this technology. This way, you will only have to pay the portion that is not covered by your insurance, if there is!


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