The Centre Dentaire Daneault provides an emergency appointment service. 
Please refer to the clinic opening hours and call us at the following number: 450 430-4550

Mon. 7:30 am - 9 pm
Tue. 7:30 am - 10 pm
Wed. 8 am - 9 pm
Thu. 8 am -10 pm
Fri. 7:30 am - 5 pm
Sat. 9 am - 3h30 pm

What to do in case of an emergency 

Dental emergencies usually occur after a sudden shock to the teeth, a fall or an accident. A problem may also occur on a heavily decayed tooth, which eventually fractures. Follow these steps to relieve the pain and limit the damage. Soon after, take an appointment with the dentist. 

Expelled tooth

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  • Take the tooth and rinse it under running water without rubbing.
  • Gently put back the tooth in the socket, and apply ice to the affected area.
  • If  you are unable to put the tooth back in the socket, keep it in a glass of cold water or milk, or in the mouth.
  • Make an appointment with the dentist. 

Broken tooth

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  • Gently clean the wounded area with warm water.
  • Place icy cold water compresses on the affected area.
  • Make an appointment with the dentist. 

Tongue or lip bitten

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  • Apply direct pressure to the wound with a clean cloth to stop the bleeding.
  • If  there is swelling, place cold compresses on the wound.
  • If the bleeding persists, contact your dentist or go to a medical clinic. 

Particle stuck between two teeth

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  • Try to remove the particle with dental floss (do not use a sharp instrument or edge).
  • If you are unable to remove it, see a dentist. 

Swelling and gingival abscess

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  • Rinse your mouth with warm salted water four times a day.
  • Relieve pain with a painkiller.
  • Apply warm compresses on the face.
  • Visit the dentist as soon as possible or go to a medical clinic.
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