Avoid premature wear of your teeth with a bite plate

What is the purpose of a bite plate?

A bite plate is a custom-made rigid or semi-rigid acrylic tray that covers part of the teeth, either on the upper or lower arch. This appliance is worn day or night and prevents the upper teeth from coming into contact with the lower ones. For people who suffer from bruxism (clenching and/or grinding of the teeth), TMJ problems (joint problems) or neuromuscular problems, it is recommended to wear a bite plate. This will absorb forces and relax the jaw muscles to relieve tension. In addition, the bite plate will limit the friction between the teeth to limit the risks of breakage, premature wear and the appearance of cracked lines that weaken the enamel. Bruxers are not always aware of this habit; ask your dentist to evaluate the apparent wear in your mouth and discuss with him/her your symptoms, such as a limitation to opening, inflammation of the joint, headaches, etc.