Children generally make their first visit to the clinic around the age of 3 years old. Their initial visit serves as an introduction to the clinic: pleasant and relaxed, it allows your child to become familiar with our environment and our instruments. We will examine your child’s teeth without pressure. Depending on his or her cooperation, we can perform a cleaning to remove plaque, if any, and make his or her teeth shine! We will also be able to give you recommendations and tools to make your at-home tooth brushing session enjoyable and effective.

Children generally start to lose their baby teeth around the age of 5-6 years, with the last teeth to fall out around 11-12 years. It is therefore essential to take care of them and to have regular check-ups. Your dentist will be able to quickly intercept malocclusion problems and provide you with the necessary recommendations.

Prepare your child for his or her first visit to the Centre dentaire Daneault!

  • Avoid going into details, it’s better not to overwhelm your child.
  • If your child asks questions, simply mention that the dentist and hygienist will make his teeth shine.
  • Choose an appropriate appointment time that works with the child’s schedule so that he or she is in good shape to try something new.
  • Present the appointment in a positive and confident manner!
  • In order to familiarize your child with our environment, do not hesitate to bring him/her to a sibling’s appointment!

See you soon!